Teeth Whitening

A Trusted Dentist for Valley Cottage Teeth Whitening

If you've wondered about whitening and whether it would really make a difference in your smile, now is the time to find out. The truth is, white teeth are more than just attractive; they can actually boost your confidence and help you both professionally and socially.

The best part is that getting that whiter, brighter smile is easy and affordable with Valley Cottage teeth whitening dentist Robert Gabrielle, D.M.D.

While there are many over-the-counter teeth bleaching products available today that promise to whiten teeth, they can't match the results that we can deliver at Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC. Our professional teeth bleaching techniques effectively treat discolored, aging or yellow teeth. You can expect quick, easy, and safe results and a sparkling new smile.

Why wait another moment to get the beautiful smile you deserve? Call our friendly staff at (855) 536-0314 or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation. We're dedicated to providing you with affordable, top-quality dental care.

Brighten your smile with easy, affordable tooth whitening

One of the easiest ways to look years younger is to brighten discolored teeth to show off a brilliant, white smile! Everyone could use whiter teeth, as discoloring occurs frequently with aging, use of medication, smoking, or frequently drinking coffee, soda, and tea. Whiter teeth are Valley Cottage's Dr. Robert Gabrielle's easy, immediately noticeable extreme cosmetic dentistry makeover solution!

Dr. Gabrielle's tooth whitening treatments start in as little as one visit. He will first custom fit a special whitening gel tray for you during your initial visit and give you instructions to continue your whitening treatments at home until you get that brilliantly white smile you deserve!

You're just one consultation away from starting the tooth whitening treatments that can revolutionize your smile. If you need more convincing, take a look at these actual tooth whitening treatments! So contact Valley Cottage's Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC at (855) 536-0314 or by completing the online form and set up your consultation with Dr. Gabrielle today!

Advanced teeth whitening techniques

At Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC we are proud to be able to offer technologically advanced techniques to enhance and improve your smile. These state of the art techniques to help make your teeth sparkle are now available in Valley Cottage thanks to Dr. Robert Gabrielle.

Teeth whitening techniques are able to lighten the color of your teeth no matter what caused them to become stained or damaged. No matter whether tea, cigarettes, or coffee caused the problem, our professional teeth whitening service will be able to put a smile back on your face. At Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC in Valley Cottage, NY we use revolutionary techniques which can make you look younger.

Tooth bleaching has a very high success rate and, although it works hard to get rid of the stains, it doesn't cause any damage to your teeth. We follow strict guidelines to make sure your teeth are well cared for, at Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC we ensure you are in safe hands. Teeth bleaching is successful at removing stains caused by smoking, taking certain medications, or discoloration caused by florosis.

Dr. Gabrielle will start by assessing your teeth, you may be advised against treatment if you have very sensitive teeth, are suffering from periodontal disease or you are pregnant or nursing. Bleaching will not lighten fillings in your teeth, it will only lighten your natural teeth.

Tooth whitening methods

There are a few different methods of bleaching your teeth, one of the most common is in-office laser bleaching system. This method enjoys wide popularity because the effects will be noticeable immediately after treatment.

You can also opt for at-home treatment options, as long as these are used under the supervision of Dr. Gabrielle, however the effects will take much longer to become noticeable. Some of these will work in 2 weeks, while others take up to six weeks. You can discuss your options with Dr. Gabrielle when you schedule an appointment with us.

It is important to talk to Dr. Gabrielle before going ahead with any tooth whitening treatment as certain options may be better for certain types of stain. Contact Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC in Valley Cottage today at (855) 536-0314.

What to expect when you decide to whiten your teeth

When you visit Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC in Valley Cottage, Dr. Robert Gabrielle will start by looking at your teeth and assessing the health of your gums. He will then decide the best solution in your unique case. Any other dental problems such as gum disease or cavities must be treated before he will be able to offer you a bleaching treatment.

If you opt for the in-office treatment then you should expect this to take between one and three hours, however the results will be instantly noticeable.

If you use the in-home methods then Dr. Gabrielle will take molds of your teeth to create customized trays which hold the solution in your mouth.

Dr. Gabrielle will also spend some time discussing how you should use these at-home methods of bleaching. It is important that you pay attention to these instructions.

Once the treatment has been completed Dr. Gabrielle will then check the results.

Teeth whitening safety precautions

There has been quite a lot of research over the last couple of years looking into the safety of using tooth whitening techniques. All of the whitening products we use at Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC are approved by the American Dental Association. Which means that it's now perfectly safe to have your teeth whitened in Valley Cottage, NY.

Dr. Gabrielle will advise you of any potential side effects, but normally the only thing you might notice is an increased sensitivity to hot or cold food, and this normally goes away by itself within a couple of days.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to call Robert Gabrielle, D.M.D. at (855) 536-0314 to schedule an appointment and discuss any of your tooth whitening concerns.