Tooth-Colored Fillings from Dr. Gabrielle in Valley Cottage

Take a look at these images. What a difference tooth-colored fillings can make to the improvement of your smile! You, too, can achieve these kinds of results with Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC in Valley Cottage!

No more traditional silver fillings (which could turn black over time) messing up your otherwise beautiful smile! Tooth-colored fillings can replace these discolored amalgams with a composite resin that gives your smile a more natural look with as much strength and durability as silver.

One consultation with Robert K Gabrielle Jr DMD PC could be all you need to decide if tooth-colored fillings are your cosmetic dentistry makeover solution. You don't even have to leave Valley Cottage for dramatic makeover results! Just fill out the online form or call (855) 536-0314. These natural-looking composite resin fillings will match your teeth so perfectly and so greatly outlast your old-fashioned metal fillings, you'll wonder why you didn't ask for them earlier!

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